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Deposit for 1/2 Organic Fed Berkshire Pork

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We are so excited to be offering organic fed Berkshire pork this year raised outdoors where they can root and bask in the sun! Did you know that less than 5% of pigs in the US are raised outside?

Berkshires are known for the supreme flavor, marbling, and redder color of meat!  Many top chefs request Berkshire meat more than any other breed of pig. Our Berkshires have 24/7 access to an Organic feed from a local feed mill along with their fresh water.  



Deposit is 30% of average hanging weight of 1/2 hog.  Price is $3.95/# hanging weight

 1/2 hog hanging weight averages 100#. (It may fluctuate a few pounds in either direction). Our average 1/2 hog will be about $395. plus processing!


Deposit is due to secure your bulk pork purchase with Rockwood Farms.  It is first come first serve.  Once we are sold out for 2022 we are sold out until fall 2023.   The balance of your meat is due upon us taking the hog to the local locker October 12, 2022 and finding out the hanging weight of your meat.  

Hogs will be processed at Bittners Locker in Eureka, IL. It is about an hour drive from Ottawa.  We will deliver the hogs to the locker.  You will call them to discuss how you would like your meat cut.  Payment for the locker processing is due upon pick up of your meat at the locker. You are also responsible for picking up your meat from the locker  Depending on your cuts and if you choose to have any cuts smoked, it can take up to 3-4 weeks.

Our 2021 customers average processing for a 1/2 hog was around $150.00

Suggested cuts at the locker are bacon, sausage in bulk, patties, or links, pork chops, ham, ham steaks, pork roast, pork steaks, ribs, optional...hocks, heart, tongue


There are Absolutely NO returns or refunds on deposits of pork Sales.  ALL Sales are Final!