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Raised locally on our family farm for your family table! Helping to feed your family the way we want to feed our clean and natural as we can!

We love working with and supporting other local farmers and businesses! We've been working with a local cattle farmer to buy our steers for the past 6 years.  I (Kasey) have personally known this farmer for over 25 years!  He has a wonderful operation and great stock! While we are working on growing our own cow/calf herd; in the meantime we have been purchasing our weaned calves to feed out from this farmer.  

We also work with a local nutritionist and feed mill to provide our cattle the best selection of fresh grain and minerals!  Throughout their life span on our farm we feed our steers an alfalfa/grass hay grown on our family farm just down the road.  It is raised all natural with no chemicals being sprayed on it.  We also feed the steers non gmo corn from my families farm for their last 90 days before harvest.  Our steers never not have an unlimited buffet of fresh grass or alfalfa/grass hay in front of them. This produces an amazing flavor and tenderness that keeps our customers coming back for more!



Average Price for 1/2 Beef is $1450

Average hanging weight for a 1/2 of Rockwood Farms homegrown beef is 375#  (Final weight may be a bit higher or lower).

This deposit is to secure your bulk beef purchase with Rockwood Farms.  The balance will be due in late a October or late November 2022 when we deliver your beef to Chenoa Locker.  It will be at the steers harvest when we will know the definite hanging weight of your beef.  YOU will pick up will be 2-3 weeks at the soonest after we deliver your beef to Chenoa Locker.  


Cattle will be taken to Chenoa Locker to be harvested on October 25, or November 29, 2022.  They will hang and dry age for about at least 14 days, we ask for 21 -28 days for premium dry aging. Then the talented butchers will custom cut your beef.  It is up to YOU to call the locker shortly after we deliver your beef.  You will chat to discuss how you would like to have your homegrown beef cut up.  They are wonderful to walk you through this process.  If you are a past customer they will have your cut sheet on file which makes it even easier! You can adjust your cuts to your preference at this time.  

Payment for processing is due when you pick up your beef at Chenoa Locker in Chenoa, IL.  Your payment to Rockwood Farms must be paid in full and have cleared before your meat at the locker will be released to you!  


This 30% deposit is based on our average beef hanging weight. There is absolutely no returns or refunds on Deposits OR Final purchase of meat, OR the locker processing fees.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL (unless an act of God on our end happens that we cannot deliver your beef).


Chenoa Locker offers some standard cut suggestions for your custom processing.  You can pick and choose the quantity, size of packages of meat and thickness of cuts.  Included suggestions are Rib eye, filet mignon, T-Bone, NY strip, Ribeye steak, cube steak, sirloin steak, skirt steak, sirloin tip roast, rump roast, arm roast, chuck roast, soup bone, stew meat, hamburger meat, hamburger patties, beef ribs, brisket, optional heart, liver, tongue, ox tail, marrow bones.  

The choice is yours for how you would like your 1/2 of homegrown beef custom cut.  The locker is absolutely wonderful to talk with and walk you through your choices.  


Our 2021 customers 1/2 of custom beef processing averaged $300.00. This brought their total of 1/2 beef raised on our family farm for your family table to an average of $1750.  (which works out to every cut being comparable in price to buying ground beef at a local store). Now thats a deal when you go to cook your steaks at a ground beef price but with a homegrown, locally raised, custom cut, and corn finished beef flavor!!


Please feel free to reach out to us anytime with questions.  We are here to serve you!